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I am Uta aka Mira Paradies: I grew up in the South of Germany in a village. When we were little, my sister and I and a neighbour boy spent lots of time outside, collecting corn for the doves on harvested fields, counting the points on ladybirds and jumping hopscotch. We had a great time designing and drawing comics for our own YPS issues and inventing „gimmicks“ to be sold along with them. I was lucky to be taken to art classes quite early and so it seemed inevitable to follow that path of creativity.
Being trained as a photographer and later as a graphic designer at art school I then started working in many creative areas. Through all this time I kept on drawing and filled many sketch books and in recent years I have concentrated on creating artwork as an illustrator. My art is very colourful – I remember I was in sixth grade when I had a shawl I found just so overwhelmingly beautiful with a tag that said „made in India“ that I decided in this second that I had to go where such things were created – and so I have been travelling to India many times. During a long stay I created a 60 pair memory game which I had later produced and that got lots of attention.
my workplace
High up in Laos
Since then I have been travelling in many countries, I love to explore what there is to see and to eat and what’s on offer on street side stalls and markets. I find it so inspiring to get absorbed in different worlds, mostly in southern and eastern Europe and Asia. And since I started drawing on the ipad, I can work everywhere I go!
I am open to commissions and licensing!