Pet Problems – MATS ICB3

It was a really exciting and challenging five weeks course! Here I am showing some of the work that I created for it. We were given three texts to choose from and I ended up with „Pet Problems“ which appealed to me: the story of a little girl who lives in a tiny appartment and she wants a pet! Her dreams are kind of exagerated; she cannot be satisfied with the classic selection of budgies, dogs and goldfishes but imagines really big animals she has seen in the zoo. So for a short trying time she and her family find themselves in the pleasing and finally exhausting company of an elephant, a giraffe and a sealion.
We had to develop the character of Eleanor, get to know what she likes and wears, where she lives, draw her expressions and poses. The last two weeks we were busy with the book, i.g. a double page spread and finally the cover!



es waren einmal… Tischlein Deck Dich


und Rotkäppchen